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Black Excellence is Community-Based Research: The A/C study

The A/C study is a comprehensive ‘mixed methods’ project created and developed by a passionate team of mostly black researchers and service providers. From the …

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Black men’s health and the meaning of Love for Black men

Love, a topic on everyone’s minds in February, was discussed at a Black History Month webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Members of the Canadians of …

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CRAIFFactsheetHIVInfant feedingMental HealthPDF

Black mothers, HIV and Mental Health

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CRAIFHealth educationHIVPDFTraining Curriculum Booklet

Training Curriculum content for Healthcare Providers’ Education

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1. Etowa, J. & McGibbon, E. (March 4, 2022). Anti-racists Healthcare Practices and Health Inequities.
Presented at the ‘Let’s Talk About Racism in Nursing’ Webinar series, University of Manitoba, held on March 4, 2022.

2. Etowa, J. (March 4, 2022). Anti-oppression, anti-discrimination, and unconscious bias training to health and social services providers: A: Key Action #4 for ACB HIV Care. Presented at the A/C Study virtual Action Planning Summit, held on March 3 and 4, 2022.

3. Etowa, J., Beauchamp, S., et al (March 2, 2022). COVID-19 Pandemic Impact in ACB communities: Envisioning Solutions. Plenary presentation at the N4 2022 Virtual Symposium titled, the Past is Practice: Intersectoral lessons learned from the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism, held on March 1-3, 2022.

4. Etowa, J. (March 1, 2022). Anti-Black Racism and the Mental Health of Black Healthcare Providers (HCP). Keynote address presented at the Ottawa Black Mental Health Coalition (OBCHM) virtual Mental Health week titled, ‘Leadership and Innovation in mental health’, held on March 1-4, 2022

5. Etowa J (February 19, 2022) -Black women in history: I am here, and I am making a difference: The Women
of Pan African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (PAAMA) Canada

6. Etowa J et al (February 4, 2022). Health Equity: A conceptual framework &urgency for data capacity
development to Inform Planning Symposium Etowa, J. May 25, 2021. Meaningful Engagement of African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) Communities in Research: The CBPR Process. National Launch of the ACB-PHAC Covid-19 Impact Study.

7.  Etowa, J. (May 15-16, 2021). Doing Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) in ACB Communities.
Peer Research Associates (PRAs) National Training. (Virtual).

8. Etowa, J. & Thapa, B. (May 15-16, 2021). Racism and its role on the health of ACB Communities. National
group of ACB Peer Research Associates (PRA) Training. (Virtual).

9. Etowa, J. (May 10, 2021). Doing Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) in ACB Communities1).
Training of the National group of African, Caribbean and Black Peer Research Associate (PRAs)

10.Etowa, J. (May 06 2021). Unpacking the ‘Invisible’ Determinants of Black Canadians’ Mental Health.
Presentation at the Ottawa Black Mental Health Coalition’s Black Mental Health Matters Event

11.March 19, 2021: ACB Community Vaccination Series Part 3.

12. March 13, AFIIA Networking meeting Gatineau Presentation

13. March 11, 2021-Canadians of African Descent (CADHO) vaccine hesitancy webinar series

14.Feb 23, 2021- weSpeak Love: ACB men have frank conversation about relationships

15.Feb 11, ACB: Addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the ACB community-Part 2.

16. HIV monitoring and surveillance in ACB communities in Ontario- AC Study Community launch and Press
Release of study results- Virtual Francophone February 7, 2020

17. Feb 5, 2021: Addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the ACB community-Part 1.

18.Etowa, J. (2020). Frank conversation about ACB men’s health and HIV Research and care. weSpeak presentation at the Canadians of African Descent Health Organization membership meeting held on November 27, 2020

19.March 2, 2021, Black Canadians Mental Health: Improving mental health from within: ACB Health professionals’ reflection.

20.Feb 26, 2021: Food insecurity and healthy eating during COVID-19 Pandemic in the ACB communities

21.Etowa, J. & Tharao, W. (2020). The A/C study: A cross-sectional study of HIV epidemiology among African, Caribbean, and Black people (ACB) in Ontario. Paper presented at World AIDS Day 2020 event titled: ‘Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility’ hosted by Women’s Health in Women’s’ Hands (WHIWH) CHC and its Partners. Held on December 1, 2020

22.Etowa, et al 2020- University of Ottawa, Plenary Panel Presentations at the Canadian Science Policy Centre and CSPC 2020 -CSPC2020 titled: “Aligning Science, Society and Policy for the Grand Challenges of our Time. Virtual conference held: November 16-20, 2020

23.Etowa, J. Stacey, D. & Holmes, D. (Nov 12, 2020). Panel at Graduate students’ seminar- Thesis Supervising

24.Etowa, J. (2020). Strengthening Disaggregated Sociodemographic Data Related to COVID-19: The Case for tracking the health of racialized communities in Ottawa. Invited presentation at OLIP Community Conversation, Held on November 11, 2020

25.Etowa, J. (2020). Transformational leadership in the face of COVID-19 pandemic at the Women Focus Canada Webinar held on September 29, 2020

26. Etowa, J. (2020). Pre-Summit Research Grant Writing Workshop at the at the National Universities Commission (NUC)’s Nigeria-Diaspora Biomedical Research Virtual Summit held on July 1-3, 2020

27. Etowa, J. (2020). Developing the Specific aims page of NIH/Project summary of CIHR proposal at the National Universities Commission (NUC)’s Nigeria-Diaspora Biomedical Research Virtual Summit held on July 1-3, 2020.

28. CHNC National standards presentation at its launch on May 29, 2019.

29. CHNC preconference workshop on CHN leadership for system transformation-Panelist-May 27, 2019

30.Canadian Nurses Association webinar on CHN leadership for system transformation national webinar- April 23, 2019

31.ACO International Women’s Day presentation on Gender inequities and HIV prevention- Panelist on March 8, 2019

32.Engaging ACB community through community based participatory research -SWCHC-Feb 28/2019

33.Black History Month 2019 launch presentation of ACB community Health projects in Ottawa-January 26, 2019

34. Conducting research with hard to research communities: ACB Health Zone launched at Sandy Hill CHC, Ottawa, ON- November 26, 2018

35 .HIV workshop and AC study launch at River Jordan Ministry, 1 Cleopatra Dr, Ottawa, November 25, 2018

36. Speaker and mentor for Empowering Women Leaders in Health Project – Learning Lab Acting Strategically for Systems and Structure Change fostering Gender Equity and Diversity, London, ON, Held October 23-25, 2018

37. Invited Keynote Speaker, Director of African Centre for HIV/AIDs Management, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Held on October 10, 2018 at FSS 4007, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

38. Facilitated workshop titled: Doing community base research (CBR) in ACB Community: What You Need to Know. Held August 7-9, 2018 at RGN 2009, University of Ottawa, Ontario

39. Etowa, J. (2018). Women in Health leadership learning lab funded by Status of Women Canada and hosted by Ivy Bourgeault, Research Chair in Canadian Health Workforce, October 23-26, 2018

40.Etowa, J. (2018). Addressing Health Equity in the ACB community through research. Somerset West Community Health Care (SWCHC) Annual ACB Symposium, Feb 11, 2018

41. Etowa, J. Panelist on ‘Expert Panel: Linking Policy and Practice’, held on Nov. 20. 2017. OLIP 4th Biennial Ottawa Immigration Forum titled “Pathways to Integration: Learning Forward”

42.Etowa, J. (2017) Fostering Health Equity & Anti-Oppression Practice. SWCHC Staff Retreat, November 11, 2017

43.Etowa, J. Invited by the Conference Board of Canada to present on “Canadian Experience Required” at the Canadian Immigration Summit on May 10, 2017, Ottawa

44.Etowa J. (2017). Invited by Somerset West Community Health Center (SWCHC) Annual volunteer appreciation event to present on “Being an effective volunteer”, March 25, 2017, Ottawa, Canada

45. Etowa J. (2017). Invited keynote address on the topic of “Role of the Union in eradicating racism- PSAC National Capital Region| Région de la Capitale nationale de l’AFPC – The Labour movement’s role in fighting racism and islamophobia event, March 21, 2017, Ottawa, Canada

46.Etowa, J. (2017). Invited by the African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) to present on Health inequities, February 23, 2017, Ottawa, ON, Canada

47.Etowa, J. (2017). Invited by the AIDS Committee of Ottawa (ACO) Women support group event to present on the topic of Infant feeding among Black women living with HIV: A Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), February 18, 2017, Ottawa, ON, Canada

48.Etowa, J. (2017). Invited by ACO Black History Month event to present on the topic of Infant feeding among Black women living with HIV: A Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), February 9, 2017, Ottawa, ON, Canada

49.Etowa, J. (2017). Invited by the AIDS Committee of Ottawa (ACO) women support group meeting to present on the topic of Infant Feeding Among Black women living with HIV: A Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) January 14, 2017, Ottawa, ON, Canada


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