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Our Projects: Active Projects

This community-based participatory research seeks to use photovoice and critical social theory to help develop culturally safe services for perinatal depression in rural India. This will involve partnering with Mata Jai Kaur Maternal and Child Clinic, which provides care to women from 558 villages in rural Rajasthan, India. the clinic has trained lay counsellors to screen women for depression during pregnancy and after birth, and to deliver talk therapy. The lay counsellors have found that the services for depression during pregnancy and after birth are not culturally safe.
This community-based participatory research (CBPR) project seeks to optimize vaccine uptake in the African Caribbean, and Black (ACB) community in the Ottawa Capital region through meaningful community and providers engagement in the design, implementation, and evaluation of vaccine promotion and knowledge translation interventions.
This project aims to accelerate the use of high quality and real-time evidence collected on the contextual vulnerability and challenges experienced by ACB communities in our previous research to develop, implement and evaluate community-driven solutions to structural inequalities including systemic racism that continue to hamper the response and recovery from COVID19.
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